Thai Flavoured White Cabbage Salad

This salad is simply amazing! Full of flavours, crunchy, healthy and quick to assemble. I found the inspiration for the recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen where I found a lot of tasty recipes for cabbage salads. I guess this is perfect for a light and healthy dinner, especially after the omelet and fries I had for lunch that day. They were very tasty and I love these simple, home style meals they serve in one of my favourite cafés close to the workplace. But in the evening, I was clearly craving my share of vitamins.

I won’t be able to give you precise indications on the amount I used of each ingredient as I pretty much improvised, especially on the dressing, balancing it according to my taste as I went. So I suggest you do the same. I started off on the dressing with the juice of one lime, then added spoonfuls of soy sauce, fish sauce, sweet chili sauce, peanut oil and unsalted peanuts, mixing it all in the blender and tasting frequently until I got the right taste and texture.

The salad itself is extremely quick to assemble and can be stored in the fridge for at least 3 days. I ate the leftovers 3 days after I made the salad and it was still very good and even more intensely flavoured.


For the slaw
1/2 white cabbage head, finely chopped
5-6 spring onions (if tiny, if you have bigger ones, you might want to use less), chopped
handful of fresh mint, chopped
handful of fresh cilantro, chopped
120g unsalted peanuts, chopped in the blender
For the dressing
juice of one lime
soy sauce
fish sauce
sweet chili sauce
small piece of fresh ginger, grated
small handful of peanuts


Assemble the cabbage, spring onions, mint, cilantro and chopped peanuts in a large bowl.
In the recipient of your blender, mix the lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, sweet chili sauce, peanut oil, ginger and peanuts and mix until you have a smooth dressing. I prefer to start with small quantities of each ingredient, then mix and taste, adding more of each ingredients as I go, according to my taste. When you have your perfect dressing, spread it over the slaw and combine carefully until all the ingredients are coated with dressing.


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